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CITC and PI Benelux about the future of integrated photonics

June 30, 2020 – During a micro Talk, Sander Slagter from PI Benelux and Sander Dorrestein from CITC discussed the future of integrated photonics.

Conquering the rising summit of data hunger 

The hunger for data rises exponentially. Globally, we generate 2,5 quintillion bytes of data each day. In 2015, data centers all over the world consumed 40 percent more electricity than the entire UK in that same year. As consumers, we demand more and more from our devices and from the internet of things. Consequently, the technology behind our products, becomes more ingenious by the day. As a result, conventional interconnect technology is hardly sufficient anymore and even faces signal degradation.

Future of photonics 

The alternative for conventional interconnect systems, is already here: integrated photonics. Recently, Tegema, together with PI, reached a breakthrough in building a profitable business case around integrated photonics with a modular machine platform. The platform speeds up the assembly process, and it turns the production of integrated photonic devices into a cost-efficient process.

Sander Slagter, Senior Technical Sales of PI Benelux, recently sat down with Sander Dorrestein, who is a Senior Researcher in Micro-Electronic and Micro-Optical Packaging at CITC. They had a heart-to-heart talk about the future of photonics. Sander Dorrestein was the architect of the photonics assembly speed-project at Tegema. Through various positions, he has been involved in the world of photonics for over 10 years. Sander Slagter gladly shares Sander Dorrestein’s insights in this visual article.

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