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BLIQ and CITC offer a new look at tech

June 24, 2021 – Promoting technical education and a future in tech is important to CITC. Besides offering access to education, we regularly seize the opportunity to enthuse young people for a career in tech or science. Together with BLIQ, we made a short video on chip packaging technology for students aged 10-14.

New look at technology

BLIQ is the latest program of NXtv, a tech platform that offers inspiring videos to improve the image of tech. BLIQ (Dutch for look) offers a new look at tech by bringing the world of tech close to young people who are faced with their choice of school or profile.

In a series of videos, local tech heroes show the technology behind the things we do every day such as gaming, texting, swiping, turning off the lights, and… still using your mobile phone after you’ve just dropped it. CITC’s Francesca Chiappini partnered with young student Joris in the latest episode of the BLIQ series.

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