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CITC Program Line 1: Thermal High-performance Packaging Program

October 31 2019 – There is a trend towards increased power generation by semiconductor devices, among others due to move to Wide-Band Gap (WBG) materials such gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC). This imposes to more and more challenges with respect to power dissipation and mechanical stresses in a package occurring at elevated temperatures.

In this respect, Power and WBG semiconductor mass commercialization depends on the success of determining reliable materials and processes for packaging improving the reliability of the existing and future WBG-based packaging. In particular, die attach and molding appear to be a performance and reliability limiting factors, not yet allowing semiconductor power devices to operate at their full potential. Addressing aforementioned technological challenges, one of the primary focuses of CITC within Thermal High-performance Packaging Program is development of novel thermo-mechanical design strategies and device packaging platforms composed of low stress and high reliability rugged interconnects and molds with high power dissipation capability.