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CITC Program Line 2: Antenna-in-Package solutions for mm-Wave frequency domain

October 31 2019 – A large number of new high-volume applications, especially in mobile and automotive areas, move towards the mm-Wave frequency domain. These applications drive the need to integrate new functionalities into the package, including mm-Wave die-to-board connections, waveguide launchers and antennas.

Applications within both automotive and mobile domains drive mm-Wave challenges regarding low loss and high isolation and bandwidth. Additionally, mobile applications drive miniaturization challenges with a focus on reduced package height, while automotive applications drive challenging qualification requirements. With this respect, within RF Chip Packaging Program CITC will focus on development of mm-Wave integrated solutions improving the current package-build-up and underlying technologies. This will be complemented by developing co-design methodologies and prediction models to guide material and process choices – aiming at meeting the requirements in terms of performance and footprint set by relevant applications.