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CITC starts at Novio Tech Campus

August 30, 2019 – Nijmegen. The Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC) signed the agreement for renting offices and labspaces at Novio Tech Campus. “The innovation center is already fully in development, yet their own workplace makes it slightly more tangible,” says Rikus Wolbers, director Novio Tech Campus. “A great step forward for the center and an exciting development for the campus.”

Bridge to the future

CITC is an innovation center for collective research in chip integration technologies that will be used for the future chip industry. “So, a logical decision of the centre to settle on campus,” according to Wolbers. “Open innovation has a key role on Novio Tech Campus. Innovation is not  a one-men job, but based on the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The difference is made when you coincidentally meet someone during a collective lunch or when new pieces of information come to you at an event for professionals in high tech. Novio Tech Campus facilitates and stimulates the connection that is essential for CITC when bridging the gap between academics and market: the Bridge to the Future.”

The Nijmegen region is a flourishing ecosystem of chip companies, which arose from the region’s strong high-tech history. “Here we have worldplayers – like NXP, Nexperia and Ampleon – and smaller chip companies who are still operating internationally. That’s one of the reasons for the Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands to be located here. It is a network organisation for Dutch semiconductor companies and fellow initiator of CITC. The innovation center is a perfect fit and will lead to further cross-pollination. Companies and knowledge institutes are already working together in the centre, in order to establish the innovations of the future. A great addition to the regional ecosystem.”

Talent and company magnet

Being a hotspot for the latest innovations in chiptechnology, CITC is interesting to young talent. “Finding and maintaining talent is one of the great challenges of the high-tech sector. The innovation center will play a big role in recruiting and preserving talent. For students from university as well as from mbo and hbo educational levels. As a campus, we are thrilled with these developments. Young people with new ideas and a fresh view upon the world: essential for innovation and progress.”

Besides, CITC will be an important factor in attracting companies to our region and grow the ones that are already here. “The success of high-tech companies lies largely in their innovation abilities. And often they don’t have the capacity to do this all by themselves. CITC offers the solution: companies are collectively researching, meaning they can share costs and, what’s more, knowledge. CITC will have a magnetic effect to companies that want to be ahead of the curve.”

The first CITC program lines are established and with their new location they’re all set to start. From September 2, the first CITC employees will be stationed in their new offices in building M on Novio Tech Campus. Wolbers concludes: “Open for business!”

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