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EuroPAT Workshop 2023

On September 6 and 7, the European Packaging, Assembly, and Test  (EuroPAT) – Workshop 2023 will be held at Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen. CITC’s partner and neighbor Sencio will host the two-day program.

Mutual engagement

Aiming at facilitating mutual engagement, the EuroPAT Workshop 2023 will foster collaboration among semiconductor packaging, assembly, test manufacturing, and design experts along the complete semiconductor packaging supply chain. The ultimate objective is to collectively strengthen the semiconductor packaging eco-system in Europe.

Key topics

  • European market and supply chain
  • European OSAT industry capabilities
  • Device and packaging manufacturers’ trends in challenging times
  • Advocacy for the packaging, assembly, and test industry in Europe
  • Reliability and quality of electronic devices and systems

CITC’s contribution

As befits a good neighbour, CITC also makes a contribution to the workshop. Edsger Smits, Program Manager Thermal High-Performance Packaging at CITC, presents in session 2 on September 6. This session is themed ‘Device and packaging manufacturers’ trends in challenging times’. A tour of the CITC laboratories is also part of the Workshop’s program.

More information about this event

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