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It’s Possible Session about Photonics

On December 1, CITC’s Sander Dorrestein will be of one the speakers at the ‘It’s Possible’ session about photonics. The session is coordinated and hosted by our partner PI (Physik Instrumente). The online event will take place at 8 a.m., 2 p.m. or 5 p.m. (UTC).

Digital event to drive innovation in photonics

Photonics is creating exciting new opportunities across all industry sectors. It enables innovation in substantial areas of life. Think about consumer electronics and communications, but also health care, energy, advanced manufacturing, or cutting-edge fields such as quantum computing. But these growth markets also set high demands:

  • Ever smaller components with higher functional density
  • Shorter innovation cycles
  • Growing variety of end products and materials
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Increase in yield.

The power of Photonics offers new and unique solutions where today’s conventional technologies reach their limits in terms of speed, precision, and efficiency.

Photonics Integrated Circuit packaging

Integrated Photonics Packaging is one of CITC’s innovation program lines. In this program, we develop new packaging concepts in close cooperation with the customer. On behalf of CITC, Sander Dorrestein will be part of PI’s Photonics session. He will talk about the rapid and flexible development and prototyping of Photonics Integrated Circuit packaging.

Unleashing the power of photonics

Let’s unleash this power: in this digital event, PI brings together experts who will tackle the topic from different angles. They will share their knowledge on market trends, the requirements of cutting-edge photonics applications, and solutions to meet those needs.

For more information and registration, please check out the event page.

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