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Expanded lab capabilities

February 18 2021 – End of last year new equipment arrived at CITC. Meanwhile it has been installed and is up and running. Below you find a summary with pictures to tell you more about the expanded lab capabilities.

Ball/Wedge bonder ESEC3100 plus

Next to the wedge/wedge bonder we now have a gold ball/wedge bonder for wire diameters between 17,5 and 50 µm. The ESEC 3100 plus is an automatic wirebonder for making electrical interconnects for advanced wireloop shapes and fine pitch applications. It will also be used for making gold ball stud bumps, needed for flip chip bonding.

Finetech Fineplacer® Sigma

This Fineplacer® Sigma is used for Die attach and flip chip bonding with high positioning accuracy (0,5 µm @ 3 sigma). The machine has a motorized z-stage that enables precise control of the bond line thickness. This machine is equipped with several options, expanding our investigation capabilities towards the fields of:

  • Pressure silver sintering
  • Thermo -/ultrasonic bonding
  • Soldering/eutectic soldering
  • Flip chip bonding
  • High accuracy die bonding (x, y and z)
  • Passive alignment of optical elements

Budatec Solder Reflow oven

This vacuum solder reflow oven can be used for soldering and sintering under vacuum or at well-defined gaseous atmospheres. The temperature profile is programmable and the maximum temperature of the hotplate is 450°C. It can be used for void free soft soldering and curing of pleasureless sinter materials. At CITC this oven will directly be used for investigating the optimal curing conditions for pressure less silver sintering at a well-defined (low oxygen, <100ppm) atmosphere reflow conditions.

Tegema Indigo Photonic assembly / PI Fast Photonics Alignment System (FMPA)

The TEGEMA Indigo equipped with PI’s Fast Photonics Alignment system (FMPA) is used for alignment and fixation of optical elements with respect to oneother, such as micro lenses and optical fibers into integrated photonic circuits. FMPA is implemented in the E-712 controller’s modular firmware to enable fast, simultaneous alignment and tracking of multichannel couplings in multiple degrees of freedom. Alignment options include a new multidimensional gradient search for aligning and tracking any number of input and output couplings even if they interact.
This machine expands our capabilities in the assembly of integrated photonic devices. By using active alignment the optical components are aligned to the ideal position.

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