First graduate Semiconductor Packaging program News

First graduate Semiconductor Packaging minor

June 28, 2021 – CITC is proud to have its first student graduate the Semiconductor Packaging minor. Gwen Visser had already passed the theoretical part of the program before he successfully presented his project on die-attach sintering on June 17.

Dealing with packaging errors

The minor has been developed by HAN University of Applied Sciences and CITC and its partners NXP, Nexperia, Ampleon, TU Delft and TNO. The program enables students and professionals working in the semiconductor industry to learn more about integrated chip technology and its applications, both theoretically and practically.

Gwen was among the first students who started the theoretical part of the minor last September.
He was, however, the only student to also carry out a practical assignment.

Being a chemistry student and employee of NXP, he wanted to learn more about the chip packaging process. Gwen: “Actually, I am one step further down the process. There, I have to deal with errors in the packaging of the chips. This course helped me to better understand the steps before that point. This way I can already point out where things went wrong in the process. That is very useful to us.”

More complex and multidisciplinary

Chip packaging is becoming more and more complex and multidisciplinary. Developments such as system-on-chip, embedded cameras, 5G, sensors and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) place high demands on the manufacturing process and the competencies of affected employees. Packages are becoming more complicated and application specific, while costs must be kept low. The Semiconductor Packaging program focuses on the design and manufacturing of semiconductor packages and the associated assembly, reliability and test techniques.

Second edition

CITC congratulates Gwen, we hope you will be the first of many! The second edition of the Semiconductor Packaging University Program will commence on August 30, 2021. The available seats for this edition are already almost booked.

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