Internship assignment: Integrating new piezo-actuated micro grippers in lab set-up for integrated photonics

Optical alignment is one of the fundamental challenges in the emerging field of integrated photonics. High-precision operations require high-precision tools. Hence our latest investment in piezo-actuated grippers. Piezo actuators use the inverse piezoelectric effect to achieve extreme mechanical precision using electrical current. The new gripper will upgrade our current active alignment lab set-up to a gripping resolution of <10 nm.

The assignment

The intended use of this tool is to grip small optical objects to allow alignment of these elements. The objective of the assignment is to integrate the new gripper into CITC’s active alignment set-up and test its operation and performance on actual products.


Your work

Some of the activities you can expect when you take on this challenge:

  • Define and design a universal interface for gripping
  • Design an interface between piezo gripper and piezo stage of the alignment set-up
  • Test the operation of the gripper and compare performance to current vacuum grippers
  • Define and develop a process sequence for alignment process
  • Report

In general, we are looking for someone adept at solving new problems through research testing, and who can work responsibly with this new equipment. You will have the opportunity to show your competence as a high-tech lab engineer.

Your profile

The following qualities will help you to secure this assignment at CITC:

  • Affinity with photonics, semiconductor packaging or similar high-tech sector
  • A curious and autonomous engineering mindset
  • Ability to work together well with our senior lab technicians
  • Ability to articulate and communicate clearly (in English) about the progress

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about CITC, this internship assignment or what we can offer you, please contact our internship coordinator Nathan van den Dool.

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