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Looking back on CITC Update Event

October 10, 2018 – We have been very busy taking the first steps in establishing CITC. That’s why we’ve organised the CITC Update Event, to inform all involved and interested companies.

The program consisted of several presentations from CITC partners, like BCSEMI NL, Nexperia, TNO and TU Delft. All partners provided their vision on the importance of establishing CITC, their role in current and future developments, and more.

Barry Peet, director of BCSEMI NL and one of the initiators of CITC, praises the great vibe during the entire event: “We gave the Meet&Greet area in building M on the Novio Tech Campus a complete make-over, and turned it into a place with the looks of a futuristic, innovative, smart and High Tech hotspot. Thanks to the encouraging and exciting presentations, it didn’t only look that way, it also felt like it. An open innovation centre for chip technology in Nijmegen is getting closer every day, and this event confirmed it once more.”

Don’t worry if you didn’t have the opportunity to visit the event, because there will be an aftermovie. You can also visit the sIMMposium, during which we will host a session on October 29 about everything the new Chip Integration Technology Center in Nijmegen has to offer.


Please find below an overview of the presentations that were given during the CITC Update Event:

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