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Recap of Photonic Integration Conference

October 13, 2021 – Over 35 participants from all over the world attended the online Photonic Integration Conference, hosted by CITC and Jakajima on September 30. The conference was part of the Photonics Applications Week.

Different strategies to photonics assembly challenges

An international company of speakers was selected for the conference that focused on photonics packaging and assembly. Moderator Peter Harmsma (CITC) was pleased with the wide array of topics that were addressed. Peter: “There are many challenges when looking at materials, processes and equipment for photonics assembly. It was interesting to hear about the different strategies our speakers apply to tackle these challenges. For example: Tegema and PI use an active alignment concept in which the transmission is actively monitored during assembly. Finetech, however, uses a passive alignment concept relying on advanced vision concepts. Both strategies are expected to co-exist.”

Topics overview

The topics that were addressed are listed below. If you would like to know more about any of these topics, please contact our Business Development Manager Marco Koelink.

  • Stefan Mohrdiek (CSEM) discussed the trend for heterogeneous integration. He argued that optimal solutions often require the combination of multiple technologies, co-integrated in a single module or package.
  • Peter O’Brien explained the position of Tyndall and the photonic pilot lines, in particular PIXAPP, providing a route to both low-TRL package development and moderate volume pilot production. He also addressed how to subsequently scale up to high volume.
  • Scott Jordan presented Physik Instrumente’s hexapod-based alignment system and the advanced algorithms that provide huge timesaving by means of parallel alignment.
  • Ralph Schachler presented Finetech GmbH’s system for accurate die placement. He illustrated this by an example application comprising VCSELs.
  • Arno Thoer talked about Tegema/ETTEPLAN’s modular equipment for photonic assembly. This is capable of addressing low volumes, but also easily extendable with additional modules to ramp up to high volumes.
  • CITC’s Sander Dorrestein presented concepts that allow high-density optical and electrical interfaces at low cost using photonic PCBs.
  • Nikolaus Flöry (Vario-optics AG) elaborated on the photonic PCBs that were discussed by Sander.

CITC photonics packaging activities

Next year, CITC will be partner of the Photonics Applications Week that will be held from October 3-7, 2022. As Integrated Photonics Packaging is one of our program lines, we are keen on sharing knowledge and expertise. We work with potential partners on the initiation of research programs in photonics that address e.g.

  • High-density electrical IO
  • Compact optical assembly with improved RF and thermal performance
  • Connector style fiber interfaces that enable panel level assembly for optical devices

Next to that, we are a founding member of PODIUM: a photonics assembly consortium that combines the electrical and optical package know-how of its partners to speed up process development and prepare for high-volume production.

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