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Second edition Semiconductor Packaging University Program kicked off

September 1, 2021 – On August 30, the second edition of the Semiconductor Packaging University Program kicked off at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. Fifteen students attended the program live and three followed the live stream. Over the next five months, they will be introduced to the semiconductor industry and delve into the final step of chip manufacturing: chip packaging.

Complex and multidisciplinary

Packaging is becoming more and more complex and multidisciplinary. Developments such as system-on-chip, photonics chips, 5G, sensors and high-power chips place high demands on the manufacturing process and the competencies of affected employees. Therefore, CITC and HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN), developed this program tailored to the specific needs of semiconductor companies.

The program focuses on the design and manufacturing of semiconductor packages and the associated assembly, reliability, and test techniques. It includes a practical assignment that will be carried out on the premises of either a semiconductor company or CITC.

Corona-proof setting

Joop Bruines, education consultant at CITC and also working at HAN, is pleased to have students actually present in his classroom. ‘It is great to really meet people and interact with them live. Last year, the classes were online only, so I am happy that we can now receive students on location again. Fortunately, the meeting room at Novio Tech Campus offers enough space so we have a corona-proof setting’.

Nice mix of students and semicon staff

This space was needed because after the successful first edition of the program, this year’s edition was fully booked. Bruines: ‘Last year, most students were employees of semiconductor companies who wanted to know more about chip packaging. This year, the program is also offered as a minor to Engineering students at HAN and similar Dutch institutes. So, we now have a nice mix of students and semicon staff’. He adds: ‘Besides Dutch students, there are also a number of students from the Rhein-Whaal Hochschule in Cleves who are taking the course. And we have a student in Finland following the live stream’.

Welcome committee

All students were welcomed by CITC’s general manager Barry Peet. In his introductory speech, he emphasized the importance of chips in everyday life and need for well-educated people in this domain. Next up was Dickjan Schaap, team manager of the Mechanical Engineering course at HAN. He also enjoyed meeting students face to face and indicated how special it is that the program is offered almost entirely by the business community.

As a large part of the program takes place on the Novio Tech Campus, its director Bert Krikke gave a brief overview of the campus history and the ambition to create an attractive ecosystem for companies in health and high-tech. Joop Bruines briefly introduced the program, after which Henk van Zeijl from TU Delft took over with the first lecture on Integrated circuits and MEMS technology.

Interested in following the next edition of this program? Please contact us for more information or to receive the registration form

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