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Smashing CITC opening event

March 26, 2020 – CITC officially opened on March 5, 2020. We look back on a great and memorable opening event. For those who were not able to attend, please find below a recap in pictures and video.

Guest keynote speakers

150 guests attended the event. Jeroen de Blij, chairman of the day, and Barry Peet, General Manager of CITC, opened the event at 3 pm.

First keynote speaker was Emilie Jolivet, director of the Semiconductor & Software Division of Yole Développement SA. Yole is a consulting company in the fields of Photonics & Sensing, Power & Wireless and Semiconductor & Software. Mrs. Jolivet’s presentation was titled ‘Packaging as an enabler for electronics Mega Trends’. You can find the video here.


The second keynote speech: ‘What about creativity’ was held by Joey Gonesh, founder of Friday Out Of The Box. He made us aware of flaws in our thinking when it comes to innovation.

Interview session

After the break, an interview session moderated by Jeroen de Blij took place with our special guests:

  • Monique Esselbrugge, alderman Economy municipality of Nijmegen
  • Prof. dr. John Schmitz, dean Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Technical University Delft
  • Arnaud de Jong, Managing Director TNO Industry

The session led to interesting discussions with the audience at the end.

Smart Industry Fieldlab

Subsequently, the black box was opened. Arnaud de Jong handed over the Smart Industry Fieldlab trophy to Barry Peet.


Thereafter, illusionist Rich Magic amazed us with his Mind-Magic show.


Watch this special CITC animation ‘The key to future innovations’ that led to the offical opening in which Barry Peet, General Manager CITC pushed the red button of the streamer cannon. Watch the video here.

It was a suprise for us that for our event a ‘CITC band’ named ‘Chords Into The Crowd’ was formed. The band members are close CITC relations and we loved their music.

We celebrated our opening with drinks, dinner and music by Gypsy Jazz Quartet The Bojangles from Nijmegen.

We were very honored with the speech held by Christianne van der Wal, Gedeputeerde Provincie Gelderland, during dinner.


Many thanks to all customers, suppliers, partners and friends for joining our opening event or paying attention to it while not being able to join. It was a smashing event!

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