Application Domains

CITC works on technology that helps to provide answers to societal challenges. This is done for the following application domains: energy, mobility, communication, care and agro or food.

Application Domains: Energy

Smart Energy

The relation of integration technology and energy is twofold:

  1. By integrating smart chips on a single package, energy consumption is reduced (for example by using photonics chips).
  2. Advanced die-attach technology enables chips to be used for high power applications, for example in solar, wind farms and electric vehicles. Here the main challenges lie in heat dissipation in the chips.
Application Domains: Mobility

Smart Mobility

Electricity-driven cars (like Tesla) and buses (VDL) can only continue if ‘high-power’-chips are developed, able of handling large energy-flows without high losses. Self-driving cars can’t communicate fast and safely without the 5g-network, a new wireless network.¬†For developing this network, new and efficient chips are necessary.

Application Domains: Communication

Smart Communication

The future of communication is in connectivity. Technologies such as RF and antenna on chip or package play a key role in Wifi, 5G and IoT. Relevant topics here are:

  1. Data transmission by sensors in microchip technology.
  2. High bandwidth wireless communication
Application domains: Smart care

Smart Care

New chips enable ‘point-of-care’-solutions. Patients no longer need to visit a hospital, little devices can track and/or measure their health at home. Health & High Tech startup Enzyre developed an integrated chip (together with NXP and Sencio), enabling patients to autonomously perform coagulation tests.

Two researchers in agro/food discussing plants in a greenhouse

Smart Agro and Food

The future of the agriculture and food sector lies in smart farming. Digital technologies like robotics and sensor technology play a crucial role in this future. Data collection through sensors with microchip technology. Precision agriculture through a combination of GPS, ICT and robotica. Innovations leading to the agriculture and food industry of the future.

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