Building Bridges

CITC enables and stimulates economic opportunities and strengthens the existing ecosystem of companies and knowledge institutes. This is done by sharing knowledge, developing talent and start-up support.

Societal challenges: building bridges

Sharing Knowledge

One of the challenges of the Dutch semiconductor industry is developing knowledge from academic research into market-ready products. There’s a significant gap between a PhD’er developing one sample over a period of four years and a multinational with a production level of billions. This gap is called the Valley of Death. CITC is an open innovation center, where knowledge institutes and corporations come together, sharing their knowledge. This way academic research leads to technological innovations. Instead of a Valley of Death, CITC creates a ‘Bridge to the Future’. Turning the proof of principle into a market-ready concept.

Building bridges: developing talent

Developing Talent

The semiconductor industry is challenged in attracting ‘human capital’. CITC will be a center for talent development. Students are offered the chance to contribute in issues regarding chip integration, while gaining experience about different aspects of the chip industry.
Next to strategic thinking, we have to ‘do things’. Resulting in a variety of activities, for university, HBO- and MBO-students. Not only from Nijmegen, not only from the Netherlands, but on a global level. CITC is a center of education and human capital for all levels of education and all nationalities.

Innovation Lightbulb Shows Creativity Breakthrough And Ideas

Start-Up Support

CITC supports start-ups by developing and valorizing knowledge into spin-outs. CITC provides attention and targeted support to market promising technology for emerging markets in spin-outs. Opportunities for spin-off creation come from participating companies as well as from their own research programs. CITC will work closely with the already established start-up ecosystem in the region, such as OostNL, Briskr, Rockstart, Startlife and Stichting Kiemt. The goal is to prepare these spin-outs for external financing and upscaling.

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