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Taking off might have been the easy part for CITC

BITS&CHIPS | Paul van Gerven | April 20, 2020

Taking off might have been the easy part for CITC
The Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC) plane has taken off, but there are a lot more seats to fill. ‘Captain’ Barry Peet explains how he intends to do so.

The initial team has been assembled, the lab space is filling up with tools, experiments are being conducted and Fieldlab status has been awarded: the Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC) at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen is up and running. There even was an opportunity to celebrate the occasion. On 5 March, four days before the Dutch people stopped shaking hands, a crowd of industry executives and government officials gathered to see the proverbial ribbon cut.

The event must have felt like a bit of a personal victory for Barry Peet, who as managing director of the Business Cluster Semiconductors (now called Holland Semiconductors) put a lot of effort into getting the open-innovation center off the ground. After getting companies, governments and partner institutes on board, Peet now gets to head up CITC.

A little over a week after the event, however, Peet is primarily interested in looking towards the future – he has to, he explains, because his mission is far from over. “I’m happy with our expeditious start, but I consider CITC still to be a startup. Over the next few years, it’s imperative that we attract additional customers, broaden our scope and, above all, prove we have something to contribute,” says the managing director.

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