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Whitepaper Dielectric Material Characterization

March 8, 2021 – CITC published the whitepaper ‘How to characterize the dielectric properties of electronic packaging materials close to the form factor of applications‘.

Many applications in the communication and automotive domain are moving towards operation frequency in the mm-Wave domain. At these frequencies it is crucial to know the properties of the materials used in the package of the devices accurately in order to obtain the desired performance of the device and reduce the number of design iterations.

The open-ended coaxial probe presented in the whitepaper is a promising technique to characterize packaging materials as it does not require a complicated sample preparation. It enables to characterize materials in the form factor close to the one of the real applications. CITC aims to develop this technique further in collaboration with the TU Delft (PhD project), extending its current range of application to higher frequencies and making it available to companies interested in characterizing the dielectric properties of the different materials used in packaging of RF devices.

Download the whitepaper to read more: Dielectric Material Characterization

CITC is looking for companies that are willing to co-sponsor this activity. For questions or feedback, please contact Marco Koelink, Business Development Manager.