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Aerial overview of Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen (NL)

CITC is a non-profit, joint innovation center specializing in heterogeneous integration and advanced chip packaging technology.

We have created an effective ecosystem in which companies, research and educational institutes work on bridging the gap between academics and industry. Our ambition is to become a leading innovation partner in the fields of semiconductor and photonics packaging.

CITC was founded in 2019 with strategic partners TNO and Delft University of Technology and is supported by local and regional governments.

Pair of tweezers holding a chip package against a silver/blue background made up by a leadframe


Within the world of semiconductors and photonics, the cost and performance of advanced devices are increasingly dominated by integration and chip packaging challenges. We believe that innovative solutions will be the key to developing new advanced devices.

We will provide access to innovation, infrastructure and education to enable solutions to the future challenges in energy, healthcare, mobility, agriculture and food.

Placing of a die


We develop packaging and integration technology for chips to enable the increasing degree of intelligence to be built into products. In this way, we provide solutions to societal challenges.

We bring leading industrial innovations in integration and packaging technology to the market in a selected and growing number of application areas. We create an effective ecosystem in which companies, research and educational institutions work on bridging the gap between academics and industry.

We lead research programs, aim to create and share knowledge, and support business initiatives.



Our management team consists of:

  • Jeroen van den Brand
  • Mark Luke Farrugia

Meet the management team

Our supervisory board consists of:

  • Roel Fonville
  • Jaap Lombaers
  • Miriam Luizink
  • Lucas van Vliet

Meet the supervisory board

Novio Tech Campus outdoor plaza

Team members

Our team is small, yet pragmatic, driven, talented and multicultural. We are located in building M on the Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen, the Netherlands – perfectly situated in the heart of the Dutch semiconductor industry.

Meet our team



The success of CITC depends on the quality of its people. We are regularly looking for new colleagues who can work with us on the next generation of chip packaging. If we do not have a vacancy that matches your profile, please do not hesitate to send an open application.

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Opportunities for students

One of CITC’s core activities is providing access to education. Education and training are key to securing the future of the semiconductor industry in Europe. By providing a connection between education and industry, we contribute to the training and skills of people who match industry needs.

We regularly offer internships, graduation assigments and EngD/PhD projects to students.

Find out more about the opportunities for students

What our customers say about us

Waander van Heerde, chief scientific officer of Enzyre: “CITC is a great partner working on the introduction of new chip packaging technologies offering us small-scale production in a research setting. Besides, we value the good infrastructure, short lines and flexibility. The fact that all relevant parties involved in chip production, front end and back end, are located on or nearby the Novio Tech Campus is a huge benefit for us. CITC is a valuable addition to this ecosystem.”

Roeland Brugman, CEO and founder of AMSYSTEMS: “CITC’s expertise in high-complexity, extreme precision modules and cooperative, open mindset enabled things that seemed to be impossible. This way of working together demonstrated itself as very valuable.”

Xiao Tang, co-founder and owner of Mintres: “CITC and Mintres work in the same field, have a common background and language but also have their own specialty. Technical processing of diamond is what makes Mintres unique. CITC works on chip integration technology. With CITC’s experienced people, practical attitude and short lines we are able to get faster results in innovative chip packages. For sure more collaboration will follow.”

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