Core activities

CITC has created an effective ecosystem in which companies, research and educational institutes work on bridging the gap between academics and industry. Together, we work on a new generation of packages providing smart, safe and rugged housing for chips. CITC’s contribution to the ecosystem is to provide access to innovation, infrastructure and education.

Photonics package

Access to Innovation

CITC runs its research programs in close collaboration with partners and customers. We work together with device manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers and system integrators in pre-competitive joint innovation programs. Our research efforts are focused on four program lines. Read more

Photonic alignment

Access to Infrastructure

CITC’s lab facilities support the innovation programs and contribute to education through internships and MSc/PhD programs. Our lab serves as demo and application lab for new types of equipment and materials. It is also available to third parties to enable them to develop, test and implement new packaging solutions.
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Access to Education

Education and training are key to securing the future of the semiconductor industry in Europe. In close cooperation with companies and educational institutes, CITC organizes targeted education and training for young talent.
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Application domains

Chip integration is regarded worldwide as the main challenge in the development of the next generation of semiconductor devices. A generation that opens doors to even smarter and more energy-efficient products. Chip integration goes far beyond traditional packaging (‘making a box around the chip’). It can really be seen as an integral part of the device’s function.

CITC offers solutions to societal challenges in the following application domains: energy, mobility, communication, healthcare and agro/food.

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