Thermal High-Performance Packaging

The transition to Wide-Band-Gap (WBG) for many applications has increased the power generation by semiconductor devices. In combination with miniturization, this results in higher die temperature and higher thermomechanical stresses. To address these technological challenges, our Thermal High-Performance program concentrates on developing novel thermo-mechanical design strategies and device platforms on Ag-sinter and Cu lead frames. These platforms are composed of low-stress and high-reliability rugged interconnect solutions and molds with high power dissipation capability.


Improve reliability

Successfully determining which materials and processes are reliable for packaging is crucial to the mass commercialization of power and WBG semiconductors. It will also help improve the reliability of existing and future WBG-based packaging. Die attach and molding appear to be performance and reliability-limiting factors, which do not yet allow semiconductor power devices to operate at their full potential.

Rugged die attach solution

Key competences

Our approach for finding rugged die attach solutions is powered by our key competences:

  • Assembly and integration
  • Thermomechanical modeling and simulations
  • Reliability and testing
  • In-situ failure detection and monitoring
Robust assemby process

Robust high-power packages

CITC has demonstrated capability of building robust high-power packages (PQFN and ACP) using SOTA pressureless sintering die attach materials and novel thermomechanical package design concepts.

You can find more information in our brochure about Thermal High-Performance Packaging.

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