Access to Innovation

Evolving chip technology is not a one-man business. Collaboration is vitally important in innovation. Being a joint innovation center, CITC has created an effective ecosystem in which companies, research and educational institutes work on bridging the gap between academics and industry. Together, we work on a new generation of packages providing smart, safe and rugged housing for chips.

Photonics package


Chip integration and packaging include challenges such as those presented by:

  • placing more and more chips and functions in a single package – also called ‘System in Package’ or ‘SiP’
  • high-performance die attach materials for power electronics
  • design and material characterization for RF devices.

Program lines

CITC runs its research programs in close collaboration with partners and customers. We work together with device manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers and system integrators in pre-competitive joint innovation programs. Our research efforts are focused on four program lines.


Advantages of joint innovation

Sharing of competencies and facilities is maximized, while the costs are optimized and public funds can be added. Early involvement of material and equipment suppliers gives the opportunity to design better application-specific solutions that could lead to new industry standards.

Our collaborative approach reduces the time to market and risks through a joint pre-competitive technology roadmap. All partners create a unique ecosystem around defined clusters of innovation and a strong global value chain.

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