RF and mmWave Chip Packaging

CITC’s RF Chip Packaging program is developing technologies to enable the next generation mm-Wave applications such as 6G and automotive radar. Our focus is on Antenna-in-Package (AiP) architectures, where the antenna system is integrated in the package.

RF and mmWave packaging – artist impression-2

Artist impression of an AiP device

Integration within one package

AiP architectures are adopted for many devices in order to reduce losses, improve the performance and reduce costs. Within an AiP system, different elements such as antennas, ICs, passive components and RF elements are integrated within one package. This high level of integration poses several technological challenges and calls for new solutions for, among others, low-losses interconnect, EM shielding and antenna integration.

2-layer dielectric 3-layer Cu metallization

2-layer dielectric 3-layer Cu metallization

Holistic approach

In our approach, we combine co-design methodologies and prediction models, expertise on packaging manufacturing technologies and materials. We have developed multidisciplinary competence and a state-of-the-art packaging infrastructure, including:

  • Characterization methods for dielectric properties of packaging materials
  • RF and antenna design and simulations
  • Thermomechanical modelling
  • Fully equipped back-end assembly and integration capability for building proof-of-concept packages and clean room processing for advanced packaging processes
  • Additive manufacturing technologies for RF packaging applications
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