pentium overview 1 News

Semiconductor Packaging University Program

July 9 2020 – Together with the HAN University of Applied Sciences, CITC developed […]

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Micro talk – Sander and Sander News

About the future of integrated photonics

PI Benelux | June 30 2020 – Micro Talk: A sit down between Sander […]

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Program Lines to develop prototype chip packages News

Taking off might have been the easy part for CITC

BITS&CHIPS | Paul van Gerven | April 20 2020 Taking off might have been […]

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citc programs in chip on pcb blueprint News

New CITC brochure

April 9 2020 – CITC’s new brochure is ready! Read more about CITC and […]

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Photonics News

CITC and TEGEMA join forces

April 7 2020 – CITC and TEGEMA join forces to develop micro-assembly processes for […]

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Foto Fotowerk 2 News

CITC in article on Electrical Engineering in De Gelderlander

March 7 2020 – Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) published an article on […]

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image-citc-lab[1] News

Video Omroep Gelderland

March 6 2020 – News around CITC’s official opening; among others we were mentioned […]

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Barry Peet (l) en Hans Schipper (r) in het laboratorium van CITC News

CITC in IN2 Maas & Waal

March 3 2020 – CITC participated in the article ‘Kennisontwikkeling vereist groter denken en […]

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Afbeelding chip en antenne News

CITC awarded Smart Industry Fieldlab status

March 5 2020 – The on March 5th 2020 to be officially opened Chip […]

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lab-1 News

CITC lab spaces ready to fill

November 1 2019 – The CITC labs are almost ready to move in the […]

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citc-pl2-rfintegratedantenna[1] News

CITC Program Line 2: Antenna-in-Package solutions for mm-Wave frequency domain

October 31 2019 – A large number of new high-volume applications, especially in mobile […]

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citc-pl1-highperformancepowerpackaging[1] News

CITC Program Line 1: Thermal High-performance Packaging Program

October 31 2019 – There is a trend towards increased power generation by semiconductor […]

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