CITC results infographic 2023 News

CITC results infographic 2023 available

March 12, 2024 – CITC is pleased to present its annual results infographic. Looking back at 2023, this was the year in which our main ambition was to grow. Growth in all kinds of areas: in the number of colleagues, in (lab) space, but especially in challenging innovative projects and in the number of students that we train and coach.

Innovation and infrastructure

2023 was important for CITC to continue building on the knowledge gained over the past four years and engage with the industry to understand what unique solutions we can offer, now and in the future. This led to the creation of our CITC Technology Roadmaps, which help us map out our future and strengthen our credentials.

A new program line was added: Advanced Additive Manufacturing Packaging. We aim to develop a new range of advanced packaging technologies together with our partner Holst Centre. These technologies offer very significant cost saving benefits and a much smaller environmental footprint; qualities that are desperately needed for Europe’s ambition to increase its sovereignty in the chip industry and the future of our planet.

Collaboration is central to our core activities. While further strengthening collaboration with existing partners, 2023 brought a new slate of collaborating partners, growing the CITC partnership diversity.

Peter Czurratis, Managing Director of PVA TePla, intensified cooperation with CITC in 2023:
“CITC is an upcoming and leading research center focused on new semiconductor wafer technologies and new trends in packaging and systems integration. Their cooperation with semiconductor companies and universities provides us with an excellent research platform for defining our future roadmap for the next generation of acoustic microscopes.”


CITC works with educational institutions and industry to ensure that talent has ample opportunities to develop the skills in demand in the industry. Talent is not age-related and that is why we focus on all education levels: primary and secondary schools, vocational, bachelor and master courses, PDEng and PhD students and professionals.

We help spark enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by giving children the opportunity to try things out for themselves during our events, excursions, and one-day internships.

Sarah van Dronkelaar, location manager of Weekendschool Nijmegen:
“My students were very enthusiastic during their visit to CITC. I heard one of them say: I actually wanted to study architecture, but I like chips much better!”

We offer plenty of opportunities for older students to participate in guest lectures, practical assignments, collaborative projects within the industry and internships. And finally, we offer formal education to bachelor students, PhD students and industry professionals in our accredited Semiconductor Packaging University Program, set up in collaboration with HAN University of Applied Sciences. In 2023, we trained a record number of 45 participants.

Bachelor student Mahad Saeed followed the Semiconductor Packaging University Program and is now doing his final internship project at CITC:
“Theory and practice in the minor were very well balanced. What I particularly liked was that we worked on real problems. And it was a plus that the industry professionals all had their specialties, which gave me good insight into what people in the industry are doing.”

In conclusion

Since our foundation 4.5 years ago, CITC has taken significant steps towards its ambition to become a leading partner in the fields of semiconductor and photonics packaging. Looking back at our objectives for 2023, we have indeed grown in almost all areas: we have hired more colleagues, participated in many innovative projects, and trained and supervised a record number of students. We hope and plan to continue this in the coming years. The only downside is that our desired growth in (lab)space has not yet been achieved. This is one of the challenges that must be addressed in 2024.


CITC 2023 results infographic (EN)
CITC 2023 results infographic (NL)

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