Application domains

CITC works on technology that helps to provide answers to societal challenges. We focus on the following application domains: energy, mobility, communication, care and agro/food.

Application Domains: Energy

Smart energy

The relation of integration technology and energy is twofold:

  • By integrating smart chips on a single package, energy consumption is reduced – e.g. by using photonics chips
  • Advanced die attach technology enables chips to be used for high power applications – e.g. in solar, wind farms and electric vehicles. Here the main challenges lie in heat dissipation in the chips.
Application Domains: Mobility

Smart mobility

Electricity-driven cars and buses can only continue if ‘high-power’ chips are developed. These chips are capable of handling large energy-flows without high losses. Self-driving cars can’t communicate fast and safely without the 5G network. New and efficient chips are needed for the development of this network.

Application Domains: Communication

Smart communication

The future of communication is in connectivity. Technologies such as RF and antenna on chip or package play a key role in wifi, 5G and IoT. Relevant topics here are:

  • Data transmission by sensors in microchip technology
  • High bandwidth wireless communication
Application domains: Smart care

Smart care

New chips enable ‘point-of-care’ solutions. Patients no longer need to visit a hospital, little devices can track and/or measure their health at home. Health & high-tech startup Enzyre developed an integrated chip (together with NXP and Sencio), enabling patients to autonomously perform coagulation tests.

Two researchers in agro/food discussing plant cuttings in a greenhouse.

Smart agro/food

The future of the agriculture and food sector lies in smart farming. Digital technologies like robotics and sensor technology play a crucial role in this future. Topics include:

  • Data collection through sensors with microchip technology
  • Precision agriculture through a combination of GPS, ICT and robotics
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