Team Members

Gari Arutinov – Program Manager Power Packaging

Gari is an experienced researcher and innovator with over 10 years of R&D experience in the field of Printed Electronics, 3D printing, and Hybrid Assembly and Integration. He has a strong, multidisciplinary academic background (BS and MS in Applied Physics and PhD in Mechanical Engineering) and a proven track record in innovative technology development, technical customer support, and project and program management with 20+ patent applications & scientific papers. Gari is the guy that knows the ins and outs of the shared research programs that are running in our center, and as a Program Manager he is leading Thermal High-Performance Packaging Program (also known as Power Packaging Program).

Francesca Chiappini – Program Manager RF Chip Packaging

Francesca ChiappiniFrancesca is our Program Manager for the RF Chip Packaging Program. She has a background in physics and she has experience with open innovation in the domain of hybrid integration for printed electronics. Within the RF Chip Packaging program, Francesca works in a multidisciplinary team with expertise in packaging technology, RF  and antenna design and material science.

Jorma Klaassen – Communication Officer

Jorma Klaassen

Jorma has a firm track record on communication and marketing among others in the high-tech sector. She will help to put CITC on the global map. She is also the person that makes sure all our events are successfully organized.

John Suman Nakka – Senior Scientist

John Suman NakkaJohn has vast experience in materials (die-attach, molding, underfill, etc.) selection, modeling, processing and their applications especially in semi-conductor industry.  In CITC, John will be acting as a materials lead/consultant and will be closely working with materials suppliers, industrial partners and research organizations i.e., TNO and TU Delft.

Martien Kengen – Lab and Assembly Process Manager

Martien KengenWith an academic background in physics and his knowledge of most assembly processes, especially in wire bonding, Martien is our experienced Lab and assembly process Manager. Martien started at CITC in January 2020, setting up the assembly and lab equipment.

Tine Geerits – Office Manager

Tine GeeritsTine started January 2020 at CITC. She is the person that makes sure everything runs smoothly in the office. Her knowledge and experience is in supporting organizations, teaching and coaching.

Jan Puskely – Senior Research Scientist Radar Technology

Jan PuskelyJan is Antenna Engineer at TNO and started working for CITC per October 2019. He has background in the design and development of the antenna systems and microwave circuits for radar applications. Jan is in working in the Antenna-in-Package solutions program line. Jan received his master’s degree in 2007 and his Ph.D. degree in 2010, both in Electrical Engineering from the Brno University of Technology (BUT).

Boyao Zhang – Senior Scientist

Boyao ZhangBoyao is researcher at the Department of Microelectronics at TU Delft. She started working for CITC per November 2019. She has a background in both microelectronics packaging and material science. She is specialized in the packaging process and materials innovation. She finished her thesis April 2020.

Hengqian (Daniel) Yi – Senior Research Scientist RF System-in-Package

Hengqian YiDaniel works as a postdoc researcher at TU Delft working for CITC in the Antenna-in-Package solutions program line. He started working at CITC in 2019. His work focuses on AiP package concept development and material characterization for mm-wave frequencies. Daniel has received his MSc degree in Microelectronic in 2015 and his Ph.D. degree in 3D heterogeneous integration in 2020. His PhD project was carried out in the cleanrooms of Else Kooi Laboratory at TU Delft. He has a lot of experience in cleanroom processing, micro-fabrication and electronic packaging. During his PhD time, he has developed an AiP prototype for a 122 GHz radar IC using Through-Polymer Via (TPV) technology.

Sander Dorrestein – Senior Micro-Electronic Packaging Engineer

Sander Dorrestein

Sander is Micro-electronic Packaging Process Engineer at TNO and started working for CITC per May 1 2020. He will be mainly active in the Thermal High-Performance Packaging program. Sander is a mechanical engineer with special interest in micro assembly processes and technologies. He has a broad experience in the field of bonding and joining applications for both micro-electrical and micro-optical packaging. He has a proven track record of developing bonding and joining processes which are currently used in production for consumer, medical, industrial and automotive applications.

Fengze Hou – Thermal-Mechanical Simulation Engineer

Fengze received the PhD in the Electrical Sustainable Energy / Microelectronics from the Delft University of Technology. He has more than 10 years of experience in the packaging and integration, thermal management, thermo-mechanical reliability, and material characterization. So far, he has published more than 45 scientific papers and over 20 patents. In CITC, Fengze mainly focuses on the thermal-mechanical simulations.

Joop Bruines – Education Consultant

Joop BruinesJoop holds a PhD in Physics and has a long engineering and managerial background in both the Electronic and the Photonic Integrated Circuits industry. He always played an active role in talent development, university relations, and technology promotion programs and now deploys his acquired experience and professional network for CITC. Joop also holds a part-time position at the HAN University of Applied Sciences as Semiconductor Packaging University Program developer.