Integrated Photonics Packaging

Today, developments in photonic integrated circuits open up new functionalities and applications. Packaging and assembly technologies are crucial to make devices available for high-volume and low-cost applications. This includes heterogeneous integration: the dense integration of compound semiconductor photonics and silicon microelectronics. It allows for significant reductions in system size, weight and power, while simultaneously yielding performance improvements and new functionality.

Specifically, photonics merged with microelectronics is a key enabler for smarter photonics and faster electronics and is crucial for novel applications in the automotive (Lidar), medical and data communications (including Lifi) fields and many others. CITC will address topics such as thermal management, high I/O chip-to-chip interconnect, chip-to-chip alignment reliability and cost related to the integration of photonics with microelectronics or other microsystems. These developments will be supported with advanced modelling and simulations to optimize material choices and process flows.

CITC has a state of the art assembly facility for active and passive alignment for photonic devices:

Sub-Micron Die bonder: Finetech FINEPLACER® sigma

6-axis active alignment: PI Nanocube on TEGEMA platform

This is further complemented with advanced semiconductor capabilities, such as (RF) wire bonding, gluing, soldering and sinter capabilities and dispensing.

In our photonics innovation program we focus on developments that relax coupling conditions (spot converters and wave guide couplers), technology developments that can lead to package standardizations, high density electrical I/O and thermal and RF (high-data bit-rate) package improvements.

In summary, CITC offers the following advantages:

  • CITC offers both semiconductor and photonics packaging, which includes e.g. thermal optimization and RF
  • CITC offers the customer all results in process development, process optimization and statistical process control (process windows)
  • Participation in research programs, e.g. in defining new standards in photonic packaging
  • Research programs in optical packaging can be subsidized by CITC, leading to lower cost
  • CITC works with PhotonDelta, a Dutch foundation stimulating business and science in photonics
  • The Dutch photonic ecosystem includes foundries (InP, SiN), OEMs, OSATs, IDMs and research institutes

Additional questions? Contact Marco Koelink, Business Development Manager

PODIUM: Photonics Assembly Consortium

CITC, Tegema, PI (Physik Instrumente) and PHIX released a new Photonics Assembly Consortium called PODIUM, funded by PhotonDelta and CITC. The name PODIUM refers to PIC Open Development Infrastructure for Universal Markets. The consortium runs a program in which optical termination technology, assembly and packaging is developed for a wide range of integrated photonic applications.

The members provide the following support to the Consortium:

  • CITC (NL) – Packaging and Integration Technology Center
  • Tegema  (NL) – Modular packaging platform supplier (OEM)
  • PI (D) – Advanced motion module supplier
  • PHIX (NL) – Optical assembly Center (OSAT)

As a Key Enabling Technology, photonics is the driver in many relevant innovations, for example data communication – saving lots of energy – and medical technology – saving lives. PODIUM: a unique ecosystem to accelerate and standardize the packaging of integrated photonics. Read more

Watch the PODIUM video


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