Integrated Photonics Packaging

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are becoming the dominant technology in datacom and telecom. In our Integrated Photonics Packaging program, we develop new packaging concepts in close cooperation with the customer.

We use our expertise in high-power electronics packaging and RF packaging in our photonic packaging development to address topics like:

  • Thermal management
  • High I/O chip-to-chip interconnect
  • Chip-to-chip alignment reliability
  • Integration of photonics with microelectronics

Sub-micron die bonder: Finetech's FINEPLACERĀ® Sigma

Heterogeneous integration

Packaging and assembly technologies are crucial to make devices available for high-volume and low-cost applications. This includes heterogeneous integration: the dense integration of compound semiconductor photonics and silicon microelectronics. It allows for significant reductions in system size, weight and power, while simultaneously yielding performance improvements and new functionality.

Specifically, photonics merged with microelectronics is a key enabler for smarter photonics and faster electronics. It is crucial for novel applications in e.g. the automotive, medical and data communications fields.


6-axis active alignment: PI Nanocuble on Etteplan platform

State-of-the-art infrastructure

As illustrated by the pictures above and on the right, CITC has a state-of-the-art assembly facility for active and passive alignment for photonic devices.

This is further complemented with advanced semiconductor capabilities, such as (RF) wire bonding, glueing, soldering and sinter capabilities and dispensing.


Working with CITC in short

  • We are experienced in both semiconductor and photonics packaging, which includes e.g. thermal optimization and RF
  • We provide you with all results in process development, process optimization and statistical process control
  • Participation in research programs, e.g. in defining new standards in photonic packaging
  • Research programs in optical packaging can be subsidized by CITC, leading to lower cost
  • CITC works with PhotonDelta, a Dutch foundation stimulating business and science in photonics

PODIUM: Photonics Assembly Consortium

CITC is part of the PODIUM photonics assembly consortium that combines the electrical and optical packaging know-how of its partners to accelerate assembly process development and provide an efficient path to volume production.

PODIUM runs a program in which optical technology, assembly and packaging is developed for a wide range of integrated photonics applications.


The whole is greater than the sums of its parts – get to know the PODIUM partners in more detail:

  • CITC – joint innovation center specializing in heterogeneous integration and advanced chip packaging technology
  • Etteplan – multidisciplinary system integrator who combines its experience in customized precision mechanics and mechatronics with the latest robotics, software, and big data technologies to optimize production performance
  • Finetech – leading equipment manufacturer for sub-micron die and flip-chip bnding with a strong customer base in the photonics markets
  • PHIX – fully independent foundry for packaging and assembly of Photonic Integrated Circuits in scalable production volumes, supporting all major technology platforms
  • PI (Physik Instrumente) – market and technology leader for high-precision positioning technology and piezo applications in the semiconductor industry and photonics

Watch the PODIUM video

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