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Sharing knowledge about integrated chip technology and its applications.


Targeted education and training

CITC organizes, in close cooperation with companies and educational institutes, targeted education and training for young talent. This is needed to secure the future of the Semiconductor Industry in Europe. By providing a connection between education and industry, CITC enables a flow of properly trained and skilled students that fit the needs of the industry. At the same time, we support ‘lifelong learning’ by enabling existing employees to stay up to date on the latest developments in this industry.

Internship or graduation assignment opportunities

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Semiconductor Packaging University Program

Together with HAN University of Applied Sciences, CITC developed a Semiconductor Packaging University Program (Minor) tailored to the specific needs of the companies involved. This course, with a duration of about 5 months, enables both students and company employees to get training in all relevant aspects in the field of packaging, both theoretical and practical. The course includes a practical assignment that will be carried out on the premises of either a Semiconductor company or CITC. Start date is September. Interested to join? Please let us know.

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Smart Industry Fieldlab

In March 2020 CITC  received the status of Smart Industry Fieldlab.

A Smart Industry fieldlab is a practical environment in which companies and knowledge institutions develop, test and implement targeted Smart Industry solutions. It also forms an environment in which people learn to apply these solutions. In addition, Smart Industry fieldlabs strengthen connections with research, education and policy on a specific Smart Industry theme.

As a fieldlab, CITC can act as a hub to connect to the industry for several Smart Industry related topics. This includes organizing specific workshops on searching opportunities to apply semiconductors in different application domains. SME’s will have the focus. Once SME’s are connected to research and education institutes Smart Industry solutions can be developed, tested and implemented jointly.

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