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Work for Tomorrow

– Integrated Photonics Program Manager
As program manager, you are responsible for the overall coordination, progress and customer alignment of all program line activities. You will have to take full ownership and are the leading person in this program line. You will lead the team of engineers that work in the program line and do most of the interaction with the customers. Also, you will work, together with our business development manager, on finding and attracting new customers to this program line. Read more

–¬†Industrial PhD Position: Predictive reliability of Power Packages
TU Delft and CITC are jointly looking for a highly motivated PhD student to work in the field of semiconductor packaging in a highly dynamic environment on the crossroad of academia and industry. Are you interested in developing novel semiconductor packaging concepts and strategies to predict and monitor package reliability? If YES, then contact us at CITC or TU Delft as we are looking for YOU. Read more

Interested in an internship or graduation assignment?

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