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Weekendschool visits CITC (and vice versa)

January 31, 2024 – On January 21, Weekendschool Nijmegen visited CITC again. This year, CITC’s guest lecture was one of the four lessons in New Technology.

Joined forces with NXP and Nexperia

The two previous visits of Weekendschool in 2022 and 2023 consisted of a stand-alone guest lecture on chip packaging. This year, CITC joined forces with NXP and Nexperia. Together, the three organizations developed a series of lessons that formed a complete project.

At Nexperia, the students first learned about electricity. They then examined and demolished various electrical devices to discover how they are built and started designing their own robot. A week later, the students learned at NXP about electric circuits and microchips. They elaborated on their robot design and started programming their robot. In week three, CITC hosted the 45 first-year students. They learned about chip packaging, toured the labs, and continued their robot project.

Presenting robots

Twelve volunteers – from CITC, Nexperia and NXP – helped solve the last programming problems. The students who already tested and improved their robot started the final assembly and decoration. They finished the robots at their school in the last lesson of the series. On behalf of CITC, Ruben Pranger and Nathan van den Dool were invited to see what the end results had become. The students proudly presented their robots to them and all parents who were invited to see what their children had learned in the New Technology classes.

Access to education

Providing access to education is one of CITC’s core activities. By inspiring children at a young age for technology in general, and perhaps a technical education and profession in particular, we want to contribute to the future of the semiconductor industry in Europe.

Please feel free to contact our program manager education, Nathan van den Dool, if your school is also interested in a CITC guest lecture or company visit.

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