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CITC visits the engineers of the future

June 25, 2024 – On June 21, CITC and partner Sempro paid a return visit to the Technnasium students of Mondial College in Nijmegen. In April, 90 Mondial students visited CITC, Sempro and ITEC to learn more about chip production, packaging and all research & development efforts involved. The purpose of their visit was to gather enough input to create a chip exhibit that could be used at the Nijmeegse Techniekdag (Nijmegen Technology Day). During the return visit, the exhibits were assessed by CITC and Sempro.

Children design for children

After the company visits, the students had eight weeks to process what they learned, collect background information and design and create an exhibit. Every year, more than 4,000 people (mostly children aged 8-12 years and their parents) visit the Techniekdag to become acquainted with all kinds of technical professions. If you want to distinguish yourself as a company during the day, you need an attractive booth with exhibits that appeal to a young audience. And who knows better what works than children in the same age group? Sempro therefore challenged the students to create an exhibit that stands out in a crowd and is factually correct and – preferably – interactive.

Well-thought-out exhibits

On June 21, all students had to present their exhibits to a three-person jury that focused on their respective values:

  • Technical quality – assessed by Ewald Peters, CEO at Sempro
  • Educational value – assessed by Nathan van den Dool, program manager education at CITC
  • Communicative attractiveness and clarity – assessed by Christian Ketelaars, communications manager at CITC

The jury certainly got a run for their money. In three sessions of eight presentations each, they not only had to judge each exhibit but also declare a winning team. This was not an easy task as most students worked very hard, but each team had its own interpretation of the assignment. The eventual winners had one thing in common: they had not only created a well-thought-out technical exhibit but also one with great presentation value. The jury was pleased to see that there are many talented technical students and hoped to see them again in a few years as engineers or researchers.


If you want to admire the winning student exhibits: the Nijmeegse Techniekdag will be held on September 21 at Technovium in Nijmegen.

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