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Boschman internship for Semiconductor Packaging minor student

February 7, 2022 – On February 1, Mudit Goyal, bachelor student in Mechanical and Mechatronics System Engineering, started his internship at renowned provider of advanced packaging solutions Boschman. Keeping in mind that Mudit barely knew anything about the semiconductor industry a year ago, it is clear to see the impact the CITC/HAN Semiconductor University Program has made.

Triggered by webinar

In 2016, Mudit (24), who is originally from India, moved to Germany to realize his dream of working in the automotive industry. He commenced studying Mechanical Engineering at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, followed by a second bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics. “Last year, the university hosted a webinar about the semiconductor industry,” tells Mudit. “This was very informative and triggered my interest. I remember when COVID-19 broke out, global chip shortages were all over the news. However, it was not until this webinar that I realized that there is a lot of mechanical engineering involved in manufacturing chips.”

One of the speakers during the webinar was Joop Bruines, education consultant at CITC and organizer of the CITC/HAN Semiconductor Packaging University Program. Mudit continues: “Joop also discussed this program and after some research, I decided to subscribe to the minor. It supported both my bachelor courses perfectly.”

Pragmatic approach

The university program kicked off in September 2021. Together with 18 other students, Mudit attended lectures by people working at semiconductor companies such as NXP, Sencio, Enzyre and Nexperia. He was pleased with the input of the industry experts: “I think we covered the entire semiconductor industry from the 1980s-2020s in just 2.5 months. It’s probably still the tip of the iceberg, but I’ve learned so much about the backend industry. I liked the approach of the program the most. It’s very pragmatic: we studied real-life problems rather than theoretical situations you see in textbooks.”

The minor has just finished. “Lately, we were working in groups of four students on our practical assignments. Originally, we were going to do these in the CITC labs. COVID-19 unfortunately prevented this. However, Joop provided a very good and challenging alternative assignment that we could work on. I can really recommend this course to students who want to get to know the semiconductor industry and as such make an informed decision about their future career.”

Boschman internship

As of February 1, Mudit has continued with his bachelor’s thesis project: an internship at Boschman, a high-tech, solution driven Dutch company focusing on advanced packaging solutions. “Joop acted as a broker and recommended me by dropping my resume during a visit. I cannot wait to begin work there and gain more experience in this industry.”

After the internship at Boschman, Mudit hopes to determine whether he will continue his studies and obtain a master’s degree in power electronics. But what about his dream that brought him to Europe in the first place? He smiles: “I have not forgotten that! Nowadays, electrification and automation of car has increased the use of chips for manifolds. So after I graduate, I intend to work I the automotive sector.”

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