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CITC formalizes collaboration with EPIC UK

PRESS RELEASE  | Nijmegen, the Netherlands, April 12, 2022

Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Electronics & Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC) in Torbay, UK. The move offers an exciting opportunity for both organizations to collaborate and benefit from the synergies that exist between the two centers.

EPIC is located within a rich cluster of microelectronics and photonics packaging specialists. The center offers businesses access to labs, offices, >€3M of prototyping capability and a classified cleanroom. Dutch-owned EFFECT Photonics have chosen EPIC as their R&D facility and have benefited from extensive local funding to support this growth. Other businesses located within EPIC include Spanish MEMS innovators Nanusens and photonics packaging specialists Bay Photonics.

CITC is a non-profit innovation center specializing in heterogeneous integration and advanced chip packaging technology for semiconductor and photonic applications. It is a place where companies, research and educational institutes work together on bridging the gap between academics and industry and creating a new generation of packages providing smart, safe and rugged housing for chips.

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The MoU will see both parties sharing information with their respective businesses to showcase the technical capability and services on offer at both centers. EPIC and CITC will also be exploring opportunities to add each other’s centers to future funding bids with a view of generating additional revenue for both projects.

Both centers have close links to relevant universities and higher education partners therefore encouraging collaboration between academia will also be explored.

Many opportunities for collaboration

EPIC Centre Director, Wayne Loschi, is excited about the partnership: “There are so many clear opportunities for collaboration which will benefit our respective centers and our businesses. We’d love to see our companies working closer with CITC to improve innovation and equally we’d welcome more Dutch companies to join EFFECT Photonics within EPIC”.

CITC Business Development Manager, Marco Koelink, is also looking forward to starting the relationship: “EPIC offers a rich ecosystem in microelectronic and photonic R&D and assembly activities. Collaboration, especially in photonic packaging is crucial to develop high-volume and low-cost solutions for meaningful application areas such as communications, medical and automotive. CITC and EPIC jointly strengthen their value proposition in providing access to innovation, infrastructure and education”.


To find out more about CITC, its technology, programmes, activities and the services it offers please contact: Marco Koelink

To find out more about EPIC, accessing its technicial capability, regional funding up to £150k and support obtaining UK R&D tax credits please contact: Wayne Loschi

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