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Looking back on 2021: CITC results infographic

April 5, 2022 – With spring 2022 approaching, it is time to look back at 2021. A year that was dominated by COVID-19. However, this did not stop us from providing access to innovation, infrastructure and education. We have summarized our results in the infographic below.


While many people were still working from home, CITC expanded its lab facilities. The new equipment allowed our colleagues in the lab to continue working steadily on optical alignments and chip placement, while using lots of wire to make wirebonds.

In August, we launched the second edition of the Semiconductor Packaging University Program. Nineteen participants, both students from various universities of applied sciences and semiconductor employees, followed the program and took a deep dive in the world of semiconductor packaging.

Finally, live events were possible in autumn. First, we attended PIC International in Brussels. Next, we went to Germany and presented ourselves at SEMICON Europe in Munich. It was a revelation to meet people in person after all those Teams and Zoom meetings in previous months. With many new contacts, there were plenty of exciting projects to work on.

New possibilities

All in all, we are proud of what we achieved last year. Now that the COVID-19 measures have been lifted in the Netherlands and the rest of the world is also opening again, there are so many opportunities to meet our customers and students.

We have already received several students groups in our labs and more will follow. We plan to attend many live events, exhibitions and conferences. The first large event on our agenda is PCIM Europe. Please check out our event calendar for all other events. We are eager to meet you!

And, of course, registration for the third edition of our Semiconductor Packaging University Program has begun. We look forward to training yet another group of students in semiconductor packaging.

So stay tuned for what’s to come!


CITC Results 2021 infographic

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