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Minor students finish Semiconductor Packaging course

January 26, 2023 – On January 25, the seven students who followed the CITC/HAN Semiconductor Packaging minor all passed their final exams. They presented the results of the practical assignments they worked on in the CITC laboratories and successfully defended their work.

Open laboratories

Although the students attended the third edition of the minor, they were the first to fully benefit from the program. The previous editions were overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant that the students at the time were unable to work on practical assignments. Now the CITC laboratories were open and the students could work with the equipment.

Ruben Pranger, Junior Technician at CITC – far right in the picture above, was responsible for supervising the practical work. He noticed that not all activities were equally popular: “The students weren’t too keen on measuring. However, when we moved to die shearing, they were really interested. ‘Dies can fly!’ was what they discovered while testing the attachment of the die to the leadframe.”

Hard work and fun

Joop Bruines, Education Consultant at CITC and program coordinator of the minor, recognizes the pleasure the students experience while working hard. He also enjoyed working with the group from September to now: “This year the group was very diverse in every way. We had six nationalities and the students came from four different universities of applied sciences, two of which were from outside the Netherlands. Their background also varied from the obvious mechanical engineering and electrical engineering to the less obvious chemical engineering and energy and materials science. Fortunately, there was a common ground that they all wanted to learn and have fun. I heard one of them say that he had never learned so much in such a short time”.

After the practical work, the students presented their findings and reports to Ruben and Joop as well as to HAN examiner Jeroen van Elburg (far left in picture above). They all passed the final test and received a certificate. CITC congratulates all students and wished them all the best in their future careers!

Next edition

For those who are interested in the next edition of the minor or the Semiconductor Packaging University Program for professionals, please read on here or contact us for more information. The program starts on August 28.

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