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New addition to CITC lab: Scanning Electron Microscope

August 22, 2022 – Last week, CITC welcomed a new addition to its lab: a high-resolution desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The microscope combines an optical camera for never-lost navigation with detailed imaging and analysis. This should enable a completely new electron microscopy experience.

High-quality images

The high brightness offered by the SEM makes it easy to obtain high-quality images with many details. The SEM provides accurate and reproducible results that allow us to obtain the quality information we need to detect failures in samples early, and adjust our research process when needed. It is a good addition to our existing lab infrastructure.

Access to infrastructure

CITC’s lab facilities support the innovation programs and contribute to education through internships and MSc/PhD programs. Furthermore, our lab serves as demo and application lab for new types of equipment and materials. The lab is available to third parties to enable them to develop and implement new packaging solutions.

More information about the SEM

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