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Semiconductor Packaging University Program

November 24 2020 – Together with the HAN University of Applied Sciences, CITC developed a Semiconductor Packaging University Program tailored to the specific needs of the companies involved. This course, with a duration of about 5 months, enables both students and company employees to get training in all relevant aspects in the field of packaging, both theoretical and practical. The course includes a practical assignment that will be carried out on the premises of either a Semiconductor company or CITC. The course starts September 2021.

Semiconductor Packaging course

Learn more about integrated chip technology and its applications with focus on the design and manufacturing of semiconductor packages and the associated skills and techniques.
In the Semiconductor Packaging course you will get acquainted with the semiconductor industry and delve into the final step of chip manufacturing, the phase in which the chip is ‘packaged’ in its housing. Packaging is becoming more and more complex and multidisciplinary. Developments such as system-on-chip, embedded cameras, 5G, sensors and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) place high demands on the manufacturing process and the competencies of affected employees. Packages are becoming more complicated and application specific, while costs must be kept low. This education program focuses on the design and manufacturing of semiconductor packages and the associated assembly, reliability and test techniques. The program was developed through collaboration between HAN University of Applied Sciences, CITC and its partners NXP, Nexperia, Ampleon, TU Delft and TNO.

Details of the second edition
Location – CITC building, Novio Tech Campus, Transistorweg 5, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Language – English
(Expected) start date – September 2021
Study load – ± 20-24 hours per week (lectures + self-study)
Study format – Part-time (about 5 Months)
Study format for students – Part-time or full-time, 1 semester
Diploma – Certificate or part of your bachelor degree
Title/ level – Bachelor/ University of Applied Sciences
Costs – Three options:
1) As stand-alone course theoretical lessons only: € 2.750,- excl. VAT (VAT is not applicable for private participants)
2) As stand-alone course, theoretical lessons and practical part: € 3.750,- excl. VAT (VAT is not applicable for private participants)
3) As part of bachelor program: go to
Excluding about €200,- in study material for all options
Format – Offline and Online for the theoretical lessons/ Offline for the practical part
Weblinks for student participation – or

Program and content
The theoretical lessons take place on Mondays from 12:30 to 21:00 hrs. (Central European Time) with several small breaks and a short dinner pause. Topics are:
– Welcome, Semiconductor Front-End Introduction
– Semiconductor Back-End Introduction
– Application Areas & Requirements; Advanced Packaging Technologies
– Packaging of Integrated Photonics Introduction; Reliability
– Thermal & Mechanical Simulations
– Advanced Materials Introduction, Quality
– Semiconductor Testing, Trends in Semiconductor Packaging
The practical lessons will be scheduled later on.

Read more in the Semiconductor Packaging University Program brochure or have a look at the HAN website.

Interested in joining this course? Please contact us for more information or to recieve the registration form.