Integration for Tomorrow

CITC is a non-profit, joint innovation center specializing in heterogeneous integration and advanced chip packaging technology.

Bridging the gap

Evolving chip technology is not a one-man business. Collaboration is vitally important in innovation. CITC has created an effective ecosystem in which companies, research and educational institutes work on bridging the gap between academics and industry. Together, we work on a new generation of packages providing smart, safe and rugged housing for chips. CITC’s contribution to the ecosystem is to provide access to innovation, infrastructure and education.

Access to Innovation

Organizing and executing innovation programs for chip packaging and integration technology.

Access to Infrastructure

Providing access to lab infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment.


Access to Education

Sharing knowledge about integrated chip technology and its applications.


CITC is a triplehelix collaboration. Governments, businesses and educational institutions are working together to develop a new generation of chips. An extensive ecosystem of partners supports CITC’s activities.



Societal challenges

Future societal challenges in energy, healthcare, mobility, agriculture and food mean that an increasing degree of intelligence must be built into products and services. As a key enabling technology, chips and their packages make this intelligence possible.

CITC brings leading innovations in chip integration and packaging to market in a selected and growing number of application areas. As such, we provide solutions to societal challenges: integration for tomorrow.

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Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC)
Noviotech Campus, building M
Transistorweg 5T
6534 AT  Nijmegen, NL

T +31 85 48 35 600

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